Admin Login IP, Password (2019 Updated) Login Password: Do you have any Wi-Fi Routers in your home or office? If you are reading this article the chances are high for you to have a WiFi router. Isn’t it? If you have one let us know which WiFi router you are using in the comment section. Also, what are all the security measures you are taken to protect your wireless network from all kind of intruders and how efficient they are? Do you know what kind of security type you are using in your router? If you don’t know any of the above-mentioned terms, your network will be in danger.

I will tell you a fact, About 70% of the people who are using WiFi routers doesn’t change their default router password. If you take this as not a serious issue, let me explain what are all the things the intruder can do once he is in your network.

What is the purpose of using a router? It is just a device which helps to route all the packets in your network and also helps you to keep connected to the Internet wirelessly.

First of all, he can able to intercept all the traffic which are going from your network which means your messages, URLs, Maybe your passwords and what not?

I think this is enough to explain to you how much damage he can do with this. So, it’s your duty to protect all your data and network. This is why all are saying that you don’t use Public WiFi for your transactions.

In this article, we will discuss all the advanced methods to protect your WiFi network. Before we begin let me ask you a question. What is your WiFi Password? Is it a combination of Alpha numbers? Or simple Alphabets? Or you still use router’s default password? If you didn’t change your router default password and SSID it is the worst thing for your network. Anyone can simply google your network’s SSID and get your WiFi password. This is ridiculous! Please change your default SSID and password. Without wasting any more time, let us actually begin with the article.

What is

If you are someone who doesn’t know how to change your WiFi default SSID and password, don’t worry we are here to help you. Every router has their own router page from which you can tinker with the settings of the router. You can get your default user name and password for your router Login page in your Router manual or In the back of the Router. If you still didn’t get your default user name and password you can simply use google to find your router user name and password. Once you find your default user name and password, you need to find the router address to log in with your account and change all the settings as you like. Here we list some of the default username and password for some famous routers: Admin Login, Password, and IP

Router NameRouter UsernameRouter Password

Let us bring you some of the default gateways or address to log in with your username and passwords.





Now enter into your router account page by entering your username and password in your default gateway. It’s time to do some major changes on your WiFi router for improved protection. First of all, you need to change your wifi SSID, router username and password. To do this, log in to your admin account and click on advanced settings select change password WIFI password, and enter your current password and new password. Now all your connected devices will be disconnected from the network and all devices need to enter your new password to connect with your network. Now your No.1 problem got a solution. Its time to move further. The next big thing you need to do is, change your router admin password. To do this, go to your Account setting and change your Router username and password. If you only change Wifi Password and not changing your router password, it is like closing the main door and leaving the back door opened. So make sure to close all doors to completely protect your house.


We already strengthen the core of our wireless network security. Now we are gonna make it much safer and adding more obstacles for people who are looking to intrude on your network. We will discuss some important steps to make your network more secure using some advanced Security settings.

Step 1: Login with your username and password of your router admin page.

Step 2: Scroll down your screen and click on the network icon which is located on your left-hand side.

Step 3: Now select the security icon and make sure to set the security type as WPA2. (If it is available) Otherwise, make it in WPA.

Step 4: If you don’t aware of WPA, WPA2, and all other terms, It is Just a technique of protection used to protect your network.

Now you need to set a strong password for your Wifi Network. What do I mean by strong password? It is a combination of alphabets ( Upper case and Lower case), numbers and some characters. For example, if you want to use a password like “batmanhere007”, you can use your password like “BatManHere007!” Do you know how much difference these two words give to the hackers or intruders? It is almost impossible to brute force your wifi password. Also, changing the password every period of time is also a very good practice. The time period can be a week or a couple of weeks it’s up to you.

There is one more thing you must do without delaying which is updating your router firmware which is essential to stay protected. Good software can able to protect any breach and good software always needs to be updated every periodic time. But don’t worry router’s firmware updates are not coming often. But do it as soon as possible once it was released.

Coming to the final art of this article, We cannot make an electronic device which is completely unhackable. But we can improve our security in order to make the hacking process difficult. In this article, we will help you to make your wireless protected and less vulnerable to any kind of attacks. Once you implement all the steps mentioned in this article, it is very difficult for an intruder to enter into your network without your permission.


Hope you find this article helpful. If you do so, share this article with all your friends and family and help them to stay protected across the Internet. Yes! Everyone using the Internet need to all these security measures. Also, If you have any queries or suggestion with this article, you can let us know by commenting on this article.

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